Sunday, February 26, 2017

And now, the punchline


Me, angry and aggressive toward cyber-atheists?  When?  Who came up with that ridiculous charge??

I've never said nor written anything nasty about cyber-atheism or cyber-atheists!  Never!  Never, ever, ever.  I'm afraid you've been taken in by the Hostile Theist Myth.  (And don't go quote-mining all of my old posts.  By "old," I mean from the past few weeks.)

Atheists are just a tad oversensitive to criticism, is all, on account of their being so used to an adoring media.  Give it time, and that same media will turn on them, just as it did with the Moral Majority, or at least abandon them for the next fad.  If you're younger than me (>59), you may not remember what I'm talking about--you see, the media briefly wined and dined the far-right Christian Nation folks.  Seriously!  TIME, especially, treated them like a farce--er, force--to be reckoned with.  It did so in the usual TIME fashion--namely, full-page photos and stilted captions.  I can't get the Ralph Reed shot out of my head, because he looked so smarmy, and the caption was so adoring (in that how-pretentious-can-we-manage-to-be-while-staying-terse TIME way).  Yuck.  I wondered to myself, "Why in the hell are John and Bev subscribing to this rag?"

And look at the way TIME treats that gang now.  Not so adoringly, huh?  By the way, TIME sucks (but not necessarily because of that).

I suspect that, when "nones" and atheists and "seculars" cease to be the cool thing--and they will, believe me--the media will discard them.  It may even turn on them, like it did on ol' Ralph.  (Actually, he's younger than me.)  That would be hilarious.

Whatever happens, I'll sit back and enjoy it.  But all I'm doing here is my best imitation of the extremely pointless game called cyber-atheism.  Say nasty things, deny saying them.  Make outrageous arguments, then pretend you never made any arguments at all.  Label any criticism of your beliefs (except, of course, YOU don't have "beliefs;" only other people do) as a myth.  Claim the copyright to critical thinking.  Generally, be a total, privileged-white-male ass.

Oh, and completely fail to get the No True Scotsman Fallacy.  Just make it mean whatever it pleases you to make it mean.  Just don't tout a definition that sounds remotely like Antony Flew's.

And it's a good thing I didn't mention the dirty knife.


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