Friday, February 24, 2017

FFRF waxes indignant; ducks swim; birds fly

Challenged writer/thinker Hemant Mehta, yet again:

"Here’s one of the (many) problems with religious thinking: Even when there’s a perfectly rational explanation for something, you have to find a way to attribute it to the supernatural."

No, you only think this is so because YOU'RE A FUNDIE, HEMANT!!!!!!!!!

The famous locksmith punchline, revistied:

Me:  Why are you fundies, atheist and theist alike, convinced all believers are like yourselves?  And why can't the error in your non-reasoniong be successfully explained to you??
Atheist fundie:  Becuase we're fundies.  And because we're fundies.

Hemant is brilliant: he plays the really, really subtle and ingenious game of meaning all Christians when he specifies "conservative Christians."  He doesn't understand what it means to qualify something.

In other "news," back in 2012, this heinous act of vandalism happened to a really mature FFRF billboard:

I have issues with the devil's horns.  I mean, it should have been Mickey Mouse ears.


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