Saturday, February 25, 2017

If these guys are so smart, why do they have so much trouble with punctuation?

This is what the brilliant words in the brilliant second panel look like with punctuation:

"Is it because you're all afraid that, if kids get a break from (religion), critical thinking might kick in, and they'll realize it's not true?"

See how much easier that is to read?  But, nooooo.  Truly smart people know that not including commas makes stuff easier to read and they're right don't you think I mean c'mon you've got to admit that commas parentheses semi-colons and dashes simply slow down reading do they not?

Yes, what critical thinkers these people are.  Sure, as a group they can't figure out something as elementary as the New True Scotsman Fallacy, but it's because they're so busy keeping a watch on us stupid, dangerous theists.  I mean us stupid dangerous theists.


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