Monday, March 6, 2017

Why Democrats lose

Why do we lose?  Because we're fucking idiots, collectively.  The basis for my conclusion?  Oh, maybe the way we don't stand behind our White House candidates (unless they're Obama), as if by some process of magic (you know, like the self-healing power of our democracy, and other Myths from the Nuthouse) our person will win, even if we piss all over his or her chances.  (Ready... aim... piss!!)

We take offense at little, teeny issues ("He/she said GOD!!!!!") and go vote for Alice Cooper or someone, and then we're all, "But... but how did our candidate lose?"  Um, because we didn't support the person?  Could that be it?

Keep in mind that the cyber-atheist stupidity I've been lovingly documenting at this blog is pretty much OUR (the left's) stupidity.  It's a condensed, perhaps smellier version thereof, but it's essentially the same thing.  So, no doubt those genius boys and goys who boast that they didn't vote for Hillary OR Trump (iow, they voted for Trump) figure that their "not-vote" couldn't, by LOGIC, have harmed Hill or helped Don.  Because a "not vote" isn't a vote--it's an absence of a vote.  Such logic we expect from three year olds.  Or from the left, collectively, and the cyber-secular, specifically.

And so we lose.  We make losing happen, then we go, "Damn those conservatives!  They made it happen."  Hence, my opening observation.

We lose because we don't know how to win.  And we don't know that we don't know how to win, so there's no reason to think we'll wise up, because we don't do the wising-up thing.  We'd cease to be Democrats.  We'd become... I don't know.  An effective, successful party?

We can dream.

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