Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Is faith a reliable path to truth?

Is faith a reliable path to truth?  This is the question Matt Dillahunty (discussed in previous posts) repeatedly asked a caller on a YouBoob video I just shut off out of annoyance (and I don't feel like going into history to find the link).  And, goshers, what do you think the correct answer is?  (Hint: No!!!!!)

Anyway, the caller said something like, "You can't just get rid of faith like that, though," and Macho Matt, seizing the moment, replied, "The fuck you can't!!"  He also said, "I'm sorry that logic demolishes your position."  (Logic wasn't available for comment when I called.)

Now, what the ffffffart does Matt mean, "Your position"?  The only person stating that position was Matt, unless I missed the caller saying, "Faith is a reliable path to the truth."  (Maybe he did--he was hard to understand.)  And what does that mean, anyway--faith a reliable path to truth?  A reliable path to what truth?  One hell of a loaded question, and one open to any number of readings.  Does anyone ever ask Matt, "Please explain what you mean by that?" when he trots out one of his "I've got you now, theist!" over-generalizations?  No doubt, if anyone did, he'd take them around in the usual circles, perhaps tossing in another "fuck" for effect.  (Fuck for effect?)

What kind of person treats debate as a forum in which you state the other person's positions?  I can "win" any debate that way.  So can you.  I'd be ashamed to go on YouTube acting like that, especially if, on top of everything, I put on the kind of bluster Matt specializes in.

Come to think of it, I'm bald with big arms and shoulders, and I can talk in that same smooth, DJ way.  Shit, give ME his chair.  How much does his gig pay?

Faith, a pathway to truth?  Sure, in at least one sense.  I have faith that climate scientists know what they're talking about, and so I accept their global warming narrative, not the GOP's.  How's that for faith?

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