Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Spams, Scams

So, in my other email account, two memorable pieces of spam:

(No Subject)

Sure, I'll update me PayPal account right away. Just give me a second to sign in to my PayPal account through its (as opposed to "PayPal Inc."'s) link. (sign, sign, sign) Well, how about that? Not a word about needing to update. Must have been a mistake. Oh, well. They happen.

Meanwhile, in my primary email account, I've gotten three offers to sponsor ads (and, in one instance, "content") from and for other sites, all while promoting the sites in question. In return for doing so, I get zilch. Man, what a deal! Sign me up.

One place wants me to go to its site and register. No obligation, though. Ah, but I do feel an obligation--to utterly blow them off.

Two of the sites are those space-eating affairs which link to other links, which in turn link to links that link to other links. Links of links. I'm on a "50 best music blogs" list at one of them. In return for this honor, I'm supposed to plug that site and promote the other blogs on its list. Yeah, sure. Sounds groovy.

So, one site has content for me to repeat (Which is great, since I have so little of my own), and the other has me on a 50-best list, and the third promises to promote me in some way in return for giving it a free, permanent link. You'll notice I haven't mentioned any of them by name, and I won't. Not that I don't recognize the vastly important work they're doing in subverting any useful purpose to cyberspace by turning it into a vast link to nowhere, but they can trash the place without my input. I have faith in them.

What a great get-rich idea--going on the Internet. "I know, let's go on the Internet and make money." "What do we do when we're there?" "Nothing. We just go on the Internet. And make money." "Doing what?" "Going on the Internet."

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Saturday, July 3, 2010