Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Wright Scandal, continued

What scandal? The only scandal we see is the press pretending there's a scandal. Wright is non-news.

All that stuff about white folks not understanding black prophetic preaching and about blue collar Midwesterners being racist, etc.? That was all a pun.

No, no. A palindrome.

Barack's slick move wherein he sided with Wright, leaving himself wide open to an about-face by the guy? That was... um....

A palindrome.

What do I know? I come, after all, from a lower-middle-class background in Ohio. I'm so dumb I don't even realize that "nuance" is a synonym for "context." Neither, oddly enough, do any of the dictionaries I've referenced, but stranger things have happened. I'm so dumb, I thought that Wright's rantings were in context, even before it was shown that they, in fact, were in context. Getting ahead of the smart folks isn't nice, and I should stop doing it.

Anyway, if I were a sophisticated sort, I wouldn't be saying things like, "A piece of dryer lint could have foreseen that Wright wasn't going to cooperate with Obama or the press." I'd be blaming the Wright Scandal (which I'd put in quotes, as if it were something that didn't really exist) on the press, religion, white voters, the weather, dryer lint, the press, a lack of palindromes in print and on the Internet, the press, and the press. And white voters.

And it would all depend on your definition of "definition." And its palindromic version, "noitinifed."

Anyway, it's perfectly O.K. for my party's presumptive nominee to screw up non-stop, because Barack will be granted a wide, wide margin for error during the general election. Ask Gore. Or Kerry.

We've got this in the bag. Obama's the man! Wow, I feel more sophisticated by the minute.